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About the Galactic Federation of Light Regional Council on Sirius B
[Extract from “You Are Becoming A Galactic Human” by Sheldan Nidle and Virginia Essene – S.E.E. Publishing Co., Santa Clara, California – 1994]

“We of the Sirian Council – Washta, Mikah, and Teletron – wish to describe something about our own history as Galactic Humans and also about the organization called the Galactic Federation that Earth will soon be entering as a new Member.

The Galactic Federation was formed about 4.5 million years ago to prevent the interdimensional Dark Forces from dominating and exploiting this Galaxy. This interdimensional Dark force had seeded the Milky Way Galaxy with its own kind of computer-like, cold-hearted Beings. Their appearance was mainly in the form of a Reptoid or a Dinoid individual. These Dark Beings spread across the Galaxy and began to successfully conquer thousands of Star Systems. These Reptoids/Dinoids, however, eventually reached an area of the Galaxy where free-willed sentient Human Beings had created several galactic civilizations which were their technological match.

What followed, about four million years ago, was a period of brief but very barbaric stellar wars which were quickly interspersed by periods of peace. To a limited extent, this war and peace pattern has continued even into present times. As the attacks continued across the Galaxy, those of us who were the enemies of this Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance became more organized. We saw the need to develop a highly diversified and effective organization that could act as an umbrella for both the coordination of the Galaxy’s defenses, and also as a forum that would permit necessary Human and non-Human cultural and governmental exchanges.

The Galactic Federation sees itself as a sort of United Nations of Star Systems whose sole purpose is to create an organization that will allow Light to continue to flow into our Milky Way Galaxy. At present there are over 100,000 Star Systems and Star Leagues in the Galactic Federation, and recent additions between 1988 and 1993 have increased membership to almost 200,000 members. The primary basis of this Galactic Light of Creation is Love.

One of the basic premises of the Galactic Federation is to provide for a system of defense against sudden and unwarranted attacks. In addition, the Galactic Federation also has the important tasks of exploration, technology exchange, and cultural interaction. Hence, the Galactic Federation is constantly sending scientists and liaison teams on space missions to other Star Systems that are not yet a part of the Galactic Federation. Another premise we must emphasize is that the Galactic Federation, through its various layers of Councils, has found a way to organize Planets, Stars Systems, and Star Leagues into our Milky Way Galaxy’s 14 Regional Councils.

Since the Galactic Federation considers itself an organization of fully conscious and peaceful civilizations, it is constantly on the lookout for acceptable civilizations that meet its criteria for membership. When any Planet or a series of Planets in any Star System reaches prescribed levels of technological and cultural development, these civilizations are contacted after a thorough scientific evaluation. This scientific evaluation covers an extremely broad spectrum of cultural, scientific, and spiritual qualifications.

Your Planet and surrounding Solar System have been given a dispensation from Galactic Federation rules on membership because of the efforts of the Sirian Governing Council and your Spiritual Hierarchy. The Spiritual Hierarchy reminded all Galactic Federation Councils of the special position of your Solar System as both an important showcase Solar System and as the underriding cause for Human sentiency in the first place. This argument finally overturned the karmic laws established by certain Pleiadean elements [the Nibiruans] of control of your Solar System since the fall of Atlantis some 10,000 years ago, and permitted the granting of full membership to Earth in the Galactic Federation on March 5, 1993 Earth time. This granting of Full Membership allowed the Galactic Federation to legally establish its Rescue Mission and formally empower the “First Contact Team” to prepare its protocols for “First Contact” and landings on Earth.

The highest level of Regional Councils is the Main Federation Council for our Milky Way Galaxy, which is located in the Lyran Star System on Vega. The second level is composed of the various Regional Councils. There are presently 14 such Regional Councils in the Galactic Federation and the most important of which to our local Region is our Galactic Federation Regional Council which is called the Sirian Regional Council. Your Solar System will eventually join this Regional Council as a full-fledged member.

Regional Councils act as forums for various difficulties. They help set policy in their particular Region and they also act as a Court of Last Resort for any problems that one particular Star System or Star League may have with one another. They also function as a means for cultural and technological exchanges. In this way, Galactic Federation Regional Councils provide a means for negotiating misunderstandings on technology transfer and also for trade in intellectual property.

There also exists Local or Star System Governing Councils. You of Earth and your fellow members in your Solar System, will eventually form a Local Star System Council. These Star System Governing Councils can consist of two types; First, a simple Star System Council or Local Governing Council, and second, a Star League Governing Council which can consist of up to 20 or more combined Star System Governing Councils. The largest Star League in the Sirian Regional Council that you will be joining, is the Pleiadean Star League which consists of almost 50 different Star Systems.

Read Archive : Galactic Federation Archive

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